About Us

Mangwajana Logistics and Construction (MLC) is a registered closed corporation since year 2008. Its Head Office is situated in Midrand Johannesburg, a centrally located suburb in Gauteng province.  MLC also operate in the Limpopo province offering business solutions. We are a highly skilled team with years of civil engineering and construction experience.

MLC holds a level one B-BBEE scorecard rating in accordance with the Department of Trade and Industry guidelines. Its founding and managing directors form part of the growing young middle class in South Africa, dedicated to industry development through active entrepreneurship. This forms part of the current administration’s drive to economic freedom, development and sustainability through the empowerment of small and medium enterprise as well as the creation of sustainable employment.


To become one of a few reputable world class supply chain management company founded in one of the most noticeable developing economies in Africa and the world. We aim to develop shareholder value and raise our company profile to compete and eventually list on the local stock exchange through the following values:

  • Client satisfaction in all our business engagements
  • Consistency in partnership with our clients
  • Mutual trust with our clients with a view to forming long term partnerships
  • Professionalism, reliable and tailor-made services
  • Adherence and attention to detail


Mangwajana Logistics and Construction's (MLC's) code of ethics is clear on honesty and integrity on all its business practices. Thus transparency is a key internal value that serves in instilling and maintaining its management charter. MLC is also committed to job creation, making it a key component in the company’s long term growth strategies.

It is our aim to build capacity within the industry in which we operate by enhancing Human Capital in the form of skills development. We always strive to produce and maintain work of good quality in order to remain a consistently growing company.


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CIBD Registration Number: 192192  |  NHBRC: 1-111541119